Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Texas-sized Cattywompus Coasters Finished

I did it! (well sort of)

I finished a set of coasters for my coaster swap buddy, Skully. My goal was to have a felted bowl/holder for them...but that didn't work out. I think the coasters turned out great except for one thing...their HUGE! I got some Cascade 220 and doubled my thread thinking when it felted it would make a nice thick coaster. I crocheted and knitted until they were 6.25" in diameter before felting...then I felted...and felted...and felted...and felted...and felted...and then I felted some more but they didn't shrink but MAYBE a 1/4-inch. The bowl had a mind of it's own. It's a cool bowl but still not completely felted. I gave up on it maybe to visit it again some day. I think my problem was I didn't knit/crochet loose enough. I should have just used a single strand of yarn and a larger hook/needle. Next time I know.

Skully's favorite color is black and she likes skulls. So, I found this cute skull on some felted wristbands that I converted to a cattywompus coaster. It's special...special enough for the short bus! LOL The rest of the box was filled with chocolate, dulce leche hot chocolate mix and a Wildtree brownie mix.

I'm going to try these coasters again. Gotta get it right at least once! :)

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