Friday, September 10, 2010

KAL Socks are Done!!

That's right! I finished a pair of socks in two months! That's a record for me. My Give A Stitch KAL Socks are done. I LOVE these socks. The color is AWESOME! I was worried about not having enough yarn so I added a stripe in the foot. Trekking XXL Zitron #110 was fabulous to work with and so was Hempathy Designer's Choice #20.

There were a couple of "issues" with Red Heart's Self Striping Knit Sock pattern. It had you CUT the yarn when it came time to do the heel. Well, I didn't follow the pattern. LOL

I decided to bring some of the orange color up to the leg with some imperfect lazy daisies around the cuff. Totally makes the sock!

They're blocking now...can't wait to wear them!

Now...what's next?

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