Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bizarre Bazaar Socks are FINISHED!!

Remember waaaaaaaaay back this summer when I was working on these beautifully wild Bizarre Bazaar Socks? Well guess what! They're finished!!! All 526 ends have been woven in and the blocking has been done. They are now ready to adorn my feet. I just can't wait to wear them to a knitting class I have this weekend.

As complicated as they look...they weren't that hard to do. They knitted very long as I knitted on them and didn't get sidetracked with another project or two or three. It was like following a cross stitch pattern...just got to remember where you are. Can't wait to start another pair!

I finally have knitted ME a pair of socks...and finished them in less than 12 months! ROFL!

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