Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Cat Bordhi Classes

For the last two days I've been attending AWESOME classes with Cat Bordhi. She is such a fantastic teacher! Yarns 2 Ewe hosted four days of Cat classes – New Pathway Socks, Stitch Engineering and...the Moebius.

The first class I took was on stitch engineering. This was fun! Each of us was given a challenge of taking three stitches and coming up with a "new" pattern. I know I'm not a strong knitter and there is SOOOO much more that I can learn but this helped think out-of-the-box with my knitting. I obviously need to learn some more stitches and understand better the mechanics of somethings. Some how or another I came up with a diagonal dropped stitch pattern that actually looked pretty cool. I just need to fine tune it. There were some FANTASTIC stitch patterns created. Tatyana had a wonderful new combination that Cat had never seen before. It was really cool! Something about picking up a stitch three rows down and spinning around loopety loop. LOL

Saturday's class was all about socks. OMG!!!! It makes so much sense now! There's still a lot for me to process but it is sooo simple!! She taught from her New Pathways book and a little out of the brand new book Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters. We worked on turning heels and making a miniature sock in class. I can't wait to get my footprint made and start on a new pair of socks. I'm in sock-withdrawal already!!!

Met lots of great people in the class from all over. Even stayed for knit night -- they are a hoot!!!

We used all sorts of yarn. But the one I fell in love with is Berroco's Pure Merino Nuance in the Denim. I ended up coming home with four skeins to make something babyish. I KNOW!! There are no babies in this family but I thought it would make an terrific sweater/booty/hat set.

And of course, I got Cat to sign my books :) She and I had some fun discussions about Illustrator and InDesign...and wonderful "white space". I'm seriously considering going to one of her retreats next year...

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