Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ta Da! Finished Objects

I actually turned some UFOs into FOs!! Well, to be honest...I started two new projects and finished them BEFORE my UFOs. So technically I guess I still have UFOs. :(

First I made the ruffly Knitting Fever Flounce scarf. This was TOO much fun and definitely TOO easy!! I love how the yarn worked. Wish I had more colors but it's sold out everywhere. It is sooooo can't help but touch it and play with the ruffles. Everybody needs ruffles this season!

THEN, this weekend I crocheted some baby stuff. Not sure why but I did. Just a simple little hat embellished with lazy daisies and tassels. and a matching pair of booties. Think I'm going to change out the ties to a solid purple twist. One question...what will I do with this? Guess next time someone has a baby shower...I'm ready!

I have one other scarf that is blocking right now. Wait until you see this!! It's made with silk and buffalo in beautiful burgundy/maroon and mauve.

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