Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poriferas are Finished!

So I finished BOTH Porifera socks in 4 weeks! I'm getting better!! I like knitting both socks on two sets of needles. Like for these socks, I cast on and knitted the toe then switched to the other sock and knit through the heel then went back to the first sock and did the same. This way, I'm getting a pair of socks finished close to the same time. None of this start and finish one sock THEN cast on the second sock. They NEVER get done that way with me. I have a couple of single socks around here that will probably stay single. LOL

This yarn is scrumptious! Kertzer's On Your Toes Bamboo just melts on your tootsies. It feels so velvety on. I used my Blackthorn Needles on one of the socks. They're nice. I do wish they were polished a tad more. But, I will use them again!

Now on two the next pair of socks. I'm making Lonely Socks Club Entrelac sock but doing the toe-up version that Spindleknitter did.

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