Sunday, October 9, 2011

FO: Stained Glass Socks

They are DONE!!! BOTH Stained Glass socks are finished!! It didn't look promising earlier this week when I ripped out 2 inches with about 1 inch to go to finish it.

Lesson:  When getting ready to rip out, be sure to place your lifeline STRAIGHT on a row using CONTRASTING yarn and NOT on a row where you have cut the yarn. I had such a flipping mess!! Almost frogged the whole sock :(  I put in my lifeline on a row where I had cut the yarn and had knitted the ends in so it was like 2 strands on one stitch...BUT after ripping out all my stitches to my lifeline I realized my lifeline was crooked. ::head desk::  In trying to salvage the mess, with all these "double stitches" I had a blonde moment because I had used the same color thread for my lifeline as the row I was attempting to pick up. Not good. GEEZZZZZZZZ!!!  So...I grabbed some contrasting yarn and went back another inch and put in a new STRAIGHT lifeline and ripped. It worked. YAY!!!!!

LOVE the Zauberball Sock Yarn! The colors are fabulous how they transition from one color to the next. And with the black yarn, the colors really pop. Yes, I purposely mismatched the socks. Even the zigzags are reversed.

NOW...everybody cross your fingers and toes and say a prayer that they fit!

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