Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wollmeise, You're Mine!

Remember back in June when I said I was going camping at Camp Loopy?

I had a marvelous time!!! I made lots of new friends and I did LOTS of knitting and crocheting.

My first project was my Boho Scarf that I absolutely adore! Project #1's challenge was to use at least two different colors of yarn. EASY!

Then I made my first ever pair of mittens for Project #2. Our challenge was to make sure our mittens included cables...EASY in my Loopy Cabled Cuff Mittens

Finally for Project #3, we were challenged to make something using at least 800 yards. Not so easy!! I made my first every adult sized sweater -- Hey Teach, I'm Loopy! I was definitely loopy at the end of it!! LOL

All these challenges were well worth the effort BECAUSE if you finished all three challenges within the designated time frame (1 month each) then at the end of camp, you get a FREE skein of WOLLMEISE!!! X.O.M.G!! I have been trying FOREVER it seems to get a skein of Wollmeise. I never time it right...they're always sold out by the time I get there. ::sadness::

Well guess what! My skein of Wollmeise came today!!!  HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!! I was worried what color I would get. I have seen some U.G.L.Y colors posted...I was nervous. Turns out I was worried for nothing because I got this GORGEOUS skein of Wollmeise Twin Fliederbusch!!

I'm such a color junkie. I think that's why I love fair isle so much...and WHY I have soooooo many single skeins of yarn I bought just for the color...DUH!! :P But this magenta-red violet skein of Wollmeise is faaaaaaaaabulous!

Not sure what I'll make with it. There's 510 yards of gorgeous Wollmeise to savor. It came with the Fire and Ice pattern...nah...not my type.


I >>HEART<< YOU!!!!

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