Thursday, September 15, 2011

FO: Hey Teach, I'm Loopy Sweater

YAY!!! I'm done! I've finished Camp Loopy's Project #3 -- Hey Teach, I'm Loopy Sweater.

This was a doozy of a project!! We had to knit/crochet at least 800 yards in ONE MONTH!

X.O.M.G. Why did I think I could make a sweater?!?! I don't mind knitting it...but to make one in a month is very ambitious.

The yarn is fabulous! Universal Yarn's Cotton Supreme is sooooooooo soft! And the purple is scrumptious. This picture doesn't do it justice.

The pattern Hey Teach! from Knitty was super easy. I added an inch to the bottom part and made the sleeves about 4 inches longer. Overall, it took 6 skeins (or 1,100 yards) to make this. WELL over the 800-yard minimum.

I found gorgeous buttons on Etsy in Roadside Attractions and Perpetual Revolution. They're iridescent Czech glass buttons with gold details. Nice and flashy.

So know what do I do? I finished all three Camp Loopy projects in the time frame. WOW! Wonder how many will make it through? I think they started out with approximately 700+ in Project #1.

Guess I'll finish a lapghan and my stained glass socks. But first...a MARGARITA!!!


  1. love it! it's a fun sweater to knit, and that purple is gorgeous.

  2. Very nice - Those buttons are perfect!!