Monday, September 12, 2011

Sittin' and Knittin'

I had a MAAAAAAAH-velous weekend. Lots of sitting and knitting and watching movies. ALOT of movies!! Home all alone and I had control of the TV AND the Wii!!! That meant I got to watch Netflix while I finished up on the Hey Teach I'm Loopy sweater.

What did I watch? I know you're wondering!! :P ...A BUNCH!!!

$5 a Day with Christopher Walkin. It was ok. Walkin likes to get freebies and he and his son go from New York to New Mexico on a mission using he's gift cards.

Bottle Shock was good. Had Bill Pullman and Chris Pine. This movie was based on the early days of California wine making and how they got on the map after a French-US wine blind taste testing competition. It made me thirsty.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. OMG!!!! Hysterical! Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are arch enemies. I almost fell out of my chair when Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) comes bursting onto the scene SINGING!!! I hated how it ended...I wanted more! LOL

Love is a Ball with Glenn Ford and Hope Lange. Loved it. It was a very typical 1960s romantic comendy. It even has a VERY young Ricardo Montalban and Telly Savalas!!

Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's a documentary about street artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader and Thierry (Mr Brainwash) and more. This was a cool movie. Their art is so clever and witty. Makes me think about what I could do.  ::evil grin::

Eve of Understanding. I finally watched this all the way through! son has a small part in it and I've only see that part. LOL  You know...priorities!! So I finally watched the whole movie. Lots of great photography.

Mary and Max was my FAVORITE of my movie extravaganza. It is a wonderfully twisted and warped claymation with Barry Humphries as the narrator and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Max. Mary is a young girl with a dysfunctional family that starts a penpal friendship with Max, an old, athiest Jewish New Yorker with Asbergers. Sounds wonderful, Right??? LOL It is. If you watch attention to the scene details. Lots of warped humor that's right up my alley!! I want a chocolate hot dog!

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. was not what I thought it was. But it was...ok. It was about these parrots that used to be pets whose owners had lost them or let them go back into the "wild" San Francisco and this guy who didn't have a job took care of them. It was ok until the end where he has to move out of his rent-free apartment. He ends up marrying the filmmaker. LOL

Soooooooo my butt rarely got out of my chair except to move clothes from the washer to the dryer and to move the sprinkler. AND...I got a lot of knitting done!!!

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