Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FO: RH Special Olympic Scarf #1

I finished a scarf for the Texas 2012 Special Olympics scarf project.

I used Red Heart's Super Saver Soft Navy and Cherry Red.

This one I crocheted with a I hook. I got carried away and goofed on my guage but it worked out. I chained 250!! OMG! I thought it would come out to 60" long but NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LOL  It was more like 76" LONG!!! ROFLMAOPIMP!!

Oh well. At least it is the right width...6" wide.

I started off with the chain of 250 in the navy and then did two rows of DC. Then added two rows of DC in the red on either side of the navy. After that it was another two rows of DC in navy on each side of the red. And finallay, I crocheted two more DC rows of red on either side of the blue but this time I did a SC along the bottom as I went to the other side to finish off the bottom edges of the scarf.

Since it was SO long. I did a running stitch up the two middle red rows from the scarf's edge about 15" and back down. I gathered the scarf along the running stitch to shorten the length of the scarf to 60". FINALLY! LOL Then I did another running stitch along the bottom edges and pulled to finish it off. Grabbed all my ends of the running stitch and tied a knot over and over a few times and then wove in my ends.

It definitely looks better than it sounds. bwahahahaha!

Texas is trying to collect 3,015 scarves by January 30, 2012, for the Texas Special Olympic Games in Austin next year for all the athletes and coaches.

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  1. Fabulous, I love it, and what a wonderful way to support the athletes and their families. I hope Texas makes it's scarf goal!