Monday, May 23, 2011

My Two-Color Reversible Brioche Scarf

I DID IT!!! It took me all afternoon yesterday but I finally figured out the reversible brioche stitch.

Remember, you only knit with one yarn at a time. BUT one row consists of knitting one "row" of the main color and one "row" of the contrasting color BEFORE turning your work.I struggled with the pattern in the Knitting Brioche book. I love the patterns in the book but the instructions were confusing to me. It's like they complicated a simple technique. Maybe I'm just dense but ARGH!

I tried a few videos on YouTube. meh. BUT one of them mentioned a pattern by Borealis Yarns but posted by Rebecca. Amazingly, I found it!! It made PERFECT sense.  Here is the link to that pattern 2-color Reversible Brioche Scarf. I'm repeating it below. Rebecca and Borealis did a FANTASTIC job making it so clear.

I'm knitting this scarf for Red Heart's Special Olympic 2012 Scarf Project so I'm using Red Heart's Super Saver 387 - Soft Navy (main color MC) and Super Saver 319 - Cherry Red (contrasting color CC).

You have to use either DPNs or circular needles when knitting this because you're working off both ends.

Borealis Yarns/Rebecca's Two-Color Reversible Brioche Scarf

I cast on 25 stitches on US7. To have an extra loose cast-on I did a long-tail over two DPNs. I had an EXTRA long tail so I knit the next row with it. (I know...that's a no-no.)

MC Row 0: Knit (with extra LONG tail)
Tie on Contrasting Color to Main Color feed yarn. Simply loop to hold it in place for a couple of rows.

Set up row...
CC Row 0:  k3 *yf, sl 1, yo, k1* k2. TURN WORK

MC Row 1A:  k3, p2tog *sl 1, yo p2tog* until 3 stitches remain, k3. DO NOT TURN WORK. Push the work to the right tip of your needle.

CC Row 1B:  k3 *yf, sl, yo k2tog* until 4 stitches remain, yf, sl 1, yo, k3. Now turn work.

MC Row 2A:  k3, k2tog *yf, sl, yo k2tog* until 3 stitches remain, k3.  DO NOT TURN WORK. Push the work to the right tip of your needle.

CC Row 2B:  k3 *yf, sl, yo p2tog* until 3 stitches remain, sl 1, yo, k3

It's a four-row repeat. AND you have to pay attention. The only time you turn your work is when BOTH yarns are on the left.

The first four rows don't look like much. In fact it's pretty scary!!! But keep at it. After a couple of repeats it start's looking like it's suppose to.

Here's mine after two sets of can see blue is the main color on this side.

This is the "back" where red is the prominent color.

Just keep knitting until it's the desired length. For this more than 60" long.
It's about 6" wide.

The abbreviations:
k – knit
sl – slip a stitch as if to purl
yf – bring the yarn forward between your needles
yo – before a knit stitch – lay the yarn over the top of your right needle. Make the stitch from this position.
yo – before a purl stitch – lay the yarn over the top of your right needle and bring it between your needles to the front. Make the next stitch from this position.
k2tog – knit two together
p2tog – purl two together

THANK YOU, REBECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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