Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Loopy Project #3

It's finally here...Camp Loopy Project #3!! Camp Loopy has been going on since June. We get to cast on the 3rd and final project on August 15. I'm almost ready. My yarn is here and I've got it caked ready to go. The only problem...I don't know what I'm going to make?!?!?!  ::shrug:: 

Thinking I was going to be making a stripped romper, I ordered Universal Yarn's Cotton Supreme in Turquoise and Purple. It's a worsted weight.

It started out I was going to knit a baby romper like this adorable Beach Ball Romper and precious HiyaHiya Mosaic Romper. They are just TOOOO cute!!

Then I got worried it would be enough yards since we have to make a project with at least 800 yards. So I thought about this fun Rugby Romper.

Still worried about yardage, my project has now turned to sweaters. I have never, ever made a sweater!! What am I thinking about?!!?!?

I've narrowed it down to 3 patterns (so far). geez. I'm so indecisive!!

First is this precious Bunny Sweater...

 Then there is this Circle of Life Sweater...

And FINALLY...this Vertigo Vest.

WHAT SHALL I DO!?!?!? Man, oh, man! I've got a week to decide. I've got to be able to make it in ONE MONTH! So it can't be TOO big or TOO complicated. LOL



  1. My vote is for the vertigo vest! LOVE the colors you're working with!

  2. Yes, the vest would be easier because there are no sleeves, but all three are nice!! And I love love love the colors.