Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bizarre Bazaar Socks Update

I've been neglecting other projects so I could work on these. I just love how the color is working on them. I managed through my first pair of short-row heels. Learned a lot and the next time should be even better! LOL
So heels are's all down heel from there.

The fun part is going to be weaving in all the ends! ARGH!

POSTED February 25, 2009:
I started a new pair of socks this week that I absolutely love! It's a pattern from Interweave by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts called Bazaar Socks. The colors are wild and cheerful. I'm using a mixture of Plymouth Dreambaby and Debbie Bliss Prima.

This is my first attempt at fair isle knitting. Lots of room for improvement but I'm still happy with how it's turning out. I've got another 1-2" before I start the heel. For those familiar with the pattern, yes...these were suppose to be toe-up socks...I chickened out.

My only problem now is these are suppose to be socks. Nobody is gonna see my feet unless I run around in my sock feet at work...And we know how well that will go over. So my I make socks OR fingerless gloves. Mind you, I'm in Texas and gloves are not a daily requirement here.

Update: So I've knitted the 7-inch leg for one sock...ready to for the heel. Think I'll start the leg of the other sock this weekend. Maybe I'll have in time to wear this Summer -- yee haw...just what I want to wear during a Texas Summer -- socks...but they're cool socks! LOL

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