Thursday, August 5, 2010


The other weekend I started organizing my stash – a rather daunting task. So far, I've filled three 97-quart containers. That's like 5 tanks of gas! LOL Just my sock yarns alone took up 2 containers. OH! And then there's a 25-quart "future project" container that's stuffed. I don't know how "future project" and "stash" are different but they are. LOL

My stitching group at work, Give A Stitch, has started both a sock KAL and a sock CAL. For the KAL, we are making Red Heart's Self Striping Knit Sock and for the CAL it is Red Heart's Colorful Crochet Socks. We needed a basic sock to get everyone started. Only a couple of us had made socks before. Everybody is doing great! Could have a bunch of new addicts to cross over to the dark side. ::evil grin::

The KAL is with Trekking XXL Zitron #110 (Fall 2008). LOVE the Fall hues in it – nice subtle stripes. Had to up the cast on for my chubby ankles. LOL As it stands now, I have 5-inches on the 1st sock and 4-inches on the 2nd. One more inch and I'll start the heels. It's nice just knitting a plain old sock with no pattern...letting the yarn do all the magic. My only concern is having enough yarn for both socks. Think I'll be adding some coordinating stripes and toe on the foot.

The CAL gets Regia 4 Ply Color #5478 "Brasil Salvadore". I've got about half of the cuff for the first sock done. I've been working more on the KAL.

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