Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Heels Have Begun

YAY!! I've got 5 inches on both KAL socks knitted and have one heel started. I'm loving the Trekking!

You know...this might actually end up the fastest pair of socks I have knitted so far. Each pair gets faster and faster. Not that I'm knitting faster – it's just that I knit on them more often. :) Now I won't mention that I have TWO other pairs of socks started and all the other UFOs I have. That will be our little secret. :P

Not sure whether or not to be embarassed or not but seems I filled up ANOTHER 97-quart tub with yarn. If this yarn were gas, I could fill up my car almost seven times. BUT if I were to figure up the value of all the yarn, HELL...I could probably by a new car! LOL sorry DS.

On a bright note, I did find some matching yarn to add stripes to my KAL socks. AMAZING! Who would have thought! /snark I might not have to go to a LYS for years with this stash. OH NO!! HEAVEN FORBID!! That won't be happening. :P

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