Tuesday, June 9, 2009


After struggling with the cuff of my Eunny Jang's Bayerische Socks, I frogged it. The yarn, as pretty as it was, kept splitting on me and with this pattern, you can't have that. With all the twisted stitches and no cable needles, the yarn needs to stay together. SO...I had to go to the LYS -- oh darn -- and find new yarn. I came home with some Malabrigo Violeta Africana GORGEOUS!!! (and a ton of other stuff, too)

Now I've changed directions – literally – I'm doing this as a toe-up to make sure I have enough yarn. And actually, it's going a lot easier than at first. Must be the yarn! This was my first toe-up cast on. I used Cat Bordhi's instructions – it made it so easy! The yarn is knitting magnificently. After I get some more rows done, I'll take a picture to post. The pattern isn't showing yet but soon. I'm loving the purplely of this yarn. Totally scrumptious!!

I got derailed from my Buffalo scarf by the Bayerische socks. Not much left to do on the scarf – I should just finish it...but NO...I had to go cast on another project. I couldn't finish the scarf or finish the wonderful Bazaar socks I have started (half way done with those). They are so FUN!!!

Also in the meantime, I figured out how to crochet thanks to Skully! YAY!!! I've been on a block making frenzy for my Give A Stitch group. We're making 12x12 squares to turn into afghans for charity. Right now I'm using Vanna's yarn in dark red, mustard, spring green, purple and teal blue. Think I'll put it together with black so the colors with pop.

And there's another project I need to cast on for a Christmas present...gotta get busy with that one but it should be easy. Straight knit.

I guess basically, I've got to get busy. No time for sleep. Need to post pictures. Why am I blogging when I should be knitting or crocheting? ARGH!!!

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