Monday, July 27, 2009

Washcloths: Why are they so addictive?!?

What is it with washcloths/dishcloths? Why are they sooooo addictive to make? This makes the 4th one in two weeks -- not counting the two I need to finish. I guess it's because it just takes one ball of cotton yarn -- and that's fairly cheap. The colors are wonderful. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas. LOL This one was made with Sugar'n Cream yarn. I like how it stitches up. I'm still hooked on the Milky Way pattern. It makes such a nice thick cloth with lots of texture. I changed up the edging a tad on this one by doing a row of DC, CH1 repeats then a row of SC.

Maybe today I'll work on socks. Or another washcloth!!!

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