Monday, November 1, 2010

Switchback Cowl

I can't help myself. I started a new project. This time I'm making my first cowl. I'm knitting Kira K Design's Switchback Cowl using the Deep Forest Green, DK, 70% Mink/30% Cashmere from Great Northern Yarns. This stuff is DREAMY!!!! I was skeptical at first...didn't feel like I expected. BUT when I started knitting with just blossomed into this ubersoft butter. It's going to feel luscious around the neck as a cowl.

I bought a couple of other colors from Great Northern Yarns...Blueberry, Radiant Purple and Sunset Red. I'm trying to resist the Seal Brown. These will make great Christmas presents!

There is one other project I started this weekend...I know, I know. ::hanging head in shame:: It's Tabi Ferguson's Link Cowl from Sericin Silkworks. I'm using Great Northern Yarns Radiant Purple for this one. AND's luscious!!

Both patterns are fairly easy -- nice repeats and good instructions. YAY! Stay tuned for progress reports!

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