Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Purple Honey Cowl

This is a WONDERFUL to make!!! It's Madelintosh's Honey Cowl. I pulled three skeins of Sirdar's Peru in Damson out of my stash -- a nice chunky wool, alpaca and acrylic blend. I know the pattern called for some DK weight and the Peru is bulky but I winged it with great success. :)
I cast on 140 stitches with US 11 circulars. This thing FLEW while I was knitting it. You knit a row and then only knit half the stitches the next row. How easy is that?!?!

The Sirdar Peru was really nice to work with, too. I love how the dark purple gently blends into the lighter purple.

When it was finished, I was surprised that it didn't measure up like I had planned. I had wanted a longer cowl. I screwed up somewhere in my calculations. Oh well, It's still a nice length. I blocked the hell out of this one and stretched and stretched it. The pattern opened up nicely. I was afraid it might be too hot because of the weight of the yarn but the stitch pattern makes a nice design of "air holes" so I'll get some air circulation around my neck. :)

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