Saturday, April 14, 2012

FO: Spring Fling Bag

I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I have made TWO of these bags this week!!

First, it was my Infrared Flower Burst.'s a Spring Fling!

This time I used some Sugar'n Cream Hot Blue, Hot Green and Sugar'n Cream Twists Mod (I think this color is discontinued now.) I like using the worsted weight cotton for these.

It's a great cotton stash buster to make instead of washcloths. PLUS...the color combinations are just infinite! I'm looking at what all I have in my stash and how I can mix it up.The original pattern has it as all one color. BOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!

One thing I did after the fact was cut a piece of plastic to the size of the bottom as an after-the-fact stiffener for the bottom of the purse. Next time, I'll make a more traditional stiff bottom.

I wonder what color combo will be next. :D

Wonder if I could sell these? Hmmmmmm.... How much could I sell them for?


  1. Lovely! is there a pattern available that you followed?

    1. Not sure what happened to that link but luckily it was working on the first post I made. Here's the link for the Flower Burst Hand Bag from The C Side. Hope you have as much fun as I did making this!!