Monday, December 7, 2009

Time to Buckle Down

I have not been as focused as I need to be in order to finish the 3-button wrap by Christmas. As of today, I've got 22-inches knitted including the button hole. I only have 38 inches left to go by December 23. Know what that means? I've got to knit at least 3-4 inches a day to get it done in time to block and wrap it. ARGH!!! This when I wish I had learned to knit faster and not the slow way. :(

I did get a third button that matches the other two to use on the wrap. She's going to love the beach stones...I hope! LOL There's a great little shop on Etsy called MadeForFun that has all sorts of beach rocks and glass. You should check it out!
I have figured out my gauge. I get 7 rows per inch and knit about 1.5 inches per hour. (It's 96 stitches across.) That means I need about 30 hours to finish this. Work gets in the way! Guess what I'll be doing every night for the next two weeks! I should have started this sooner!!!
I do love knitting with this yarn -- Berroco's Vintage Wool. It's great. It's going to take four skeins for the wrap. I'm getting right at 15 inches per skein on US 8 (5mm) needles. I got a pair of Addi Natura Bamboo circs and they are great! No snags at the joints – nice and smooth – and the cable is nice and flexible, too! I'm going to have to find another project to make with the Vintage Wool when I'm finished with would make a great sweater.

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