Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Porifera Socks continued

I've got ONE sock done!!!! This is a great pattern -- Porifera Socks. The lace panel flies by...it's the 2x2 ribbing that sends you into la-la land. zzzzzzzzzzzz

This yarn is a DREAM!!! Kertzer's On Your Toes Bamboo feels sooooooooo good on the needles AND on my tootsies!!

One thing I learned...the "stretchy" bind-off they suggest SUCKS!!! I did it EXTRA loose and it had absolutely NO give or stretch. So I go to do the thing I LOVE the most... frog. CHIT!!!! Who likes frogging a bind-off?!??!?! NO ONE!!!

Some great friends of mine suggested I try the sewn bind-off. Guess what! It worked like a charm!! That's the only one to use with toe-up socks!! Here's a tutorial with great pictures. If you haven't tried it...you should!

I can't wait to get the other sock finished. I just have the last 3 inches left to do -- lace panel and the cuff. Time to go finish it. YAY!!!


  1. Go Monkey! You rock! Perfect timing...first half of the pair done, halfway through the month! ♥

  2. :D It didn't hurt that I had a 2 week head-start!! bwahahahahahahaha!!! <3

  3. oooooh, that sewn bind-off looks awesome! Need to try that next time. The socks are GORGEOUS, monkey!