Sunday, April 24, 2011

In the recesses of my mind...

I've been looking at patterns and what others have made with the new Feza yarn that I invested in this weekend to fix my mojo. See...all yarn is an investment. It's NEVER EVER an impulse buy. NEVER!!!  :D

Yesterday while I was working on baby afghan squares and my Wavy Red White and Blue Lapghan, I figured it out. I solved ALL the world's problems. It's amazing what can happen over a ball of fiber and a hook.
The Feza Alp Natural will become a biased scarf. It's light and cotton and linen...should be perfect for a summer scarf.

The Feza Alp Premier will be a simplistic cowl knit in the round so I get the stripping going horizontally instead of in vertical blocks. Hopefully I can figure out how many to cast-on to get it long enough to double. Me and knitting math don't always get along.

Happy knitting!

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