Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Knitting in Sunshine...and don't it feel good!

How's that Katrina and the Waves song go?

I'm knitting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
I'm knitting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
I'm knitting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
...And don't it feel GOOD!

It was a gorgeous day in Texas after the rain last week. I decided to take my Stained Glass Window socks outside and sit on the patio and knit...IN MY JAMMIES! My Signature DPNs just SHINE in the sunshine...and so does my pastey white skin. I have a nice rosey glow about me now after about an hour in the sun. LOL

I haven't worked on them much lately. I just LOVE how the color pops in the sun. I'm still on the first sock but I'm over halfway done with the foot...just about 2-3 more inches before I can start the toe; then I can start Sock #2. For some reason, I'm only knitting one sock at a time. I usually have both going on two sets of needles. This goes pretty long as I'm working on them. HA!

It was so nice sitting outside listening to all the sounds of the neighborhood. A squirrel came over and fussed at me for being outside and in HIS spot. I have some gall!!! LOL The Yellow-Crested Night Herons were dozing in the trees. I think I have 4-5 nests in my yard. We should have lots of baby herons in a couple of weeks walking in the back. Every now and then I would hear the hawk in the front yard. They have a nest up there and I think their babies just hatched. Then there was this big, FAT lizard working the arch to the backyard. Busy, busy, busy place.

I must do this again tomorrow. :D

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