Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Crocheting in Sunshine...Woooooah!!!

Verse 2...
I'm crocheting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
I'm crocheting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
I'm crocheting in sunshine, Wooooooooah!
...And boy, it feels GOOD!

So I had another wild hair today since it felt SO good yesterday. I gathered up some crocheting and went out on my patio again. Today's menagerie consisted of my lizard friend and crows. Lots and lots of crows. They were carrying on forever about something good. The big old lizard from yesterday was back on the arch and then before I knew it he was on the table next to me about to jump in the middle of my yarn until he saw another lizard in his territory. Aggressive little booger!

I also took the mojo fixerFeza Alp Premier, that I bought not too long ago and balled it. That stuff is WONDERFUL! There are twelve differnt yarns times two in the skein. I think I want to make a simple and long cowl with it. As I was balling it, I got to thinking I might need to knit it with a solid yarn. There's some thin eyelash yarn in the middle. I'm sort of thinking about a nice brown. Black might be too harsh...but then again the colors would really pop. I don't know...I'm on the fence about it.
So what's on the agenda for tomorrow? I've got a couple of vacation days ahead of me...maybe I'll...

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