Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do YOU Have a Yarn Guard?

Everyone should have a Yarn Guard.
Yarn Guards are a priceless investment for our valuable stash.

Yarn Guards protect your stash...keeping one eye on our precious fiber at all times...holding it securely so the evil Yarn Devils don't eat it up.

Yarn Guards also are great helpers. They can hold your yarn for you so your yarn doesn't roll off while you knit or crochet. Yarn Guards can also help you unwind your balls when you want to see how your yarn looks stretched out.

Get you a Yarn Guard today!!! You won't regret it!!!


  1. My Yarn Guards are very diligent. They hold the yarn in their mouth and keep it away from the Yarn Debils and all others too! And yes, I meant Debils!

  2. You have such good Yarn Guards!!! Mine has been known to hide the yarn in his mouth to protect it from the debils. What would we do without them!! <3