Thursday, October 27, 2011


Check out all that luscious, gorgeous, squeeeeeeeezable yarn I added to my stash tonight!!!!! Aren't you jealous?!

A friend at work, her folks just bought out the inventory from a closed yarn store in the area and they let me and Skully have dibs on it before they take it to a craft fair this weekend. They had three rooms full of EVERYTHING!!! Most of it was 50% off...some 75-80% off, too!!!

Here's what all I got (left to right)...
- Berroco Touche' (turquoise) (cotton/rayon)
- Berroco Soft Twist (kale)  (wool/rayon)
- Debbie Bliss Cathay (royal purple) (cotton/rayon/silk)
- Berroco Cotton Twist (teal) (cotton duh!)
- Debbie Bliss Pure Silk (lavendar plum) (silk double duh!)
- Mango Moon Bali Sky (dusk darks)
- Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran (dark teal) (wool, cashmere, microfiber)
- Debbie Bliss Cathay (lavendar plum) (cotton/rayon/silk)
- And a few accessories – Tunisian crochet hooks, buttons, row counters

I'm in HOG HEAVEN!!!! And so is Skully...thought we were going to have to go get a U-Haul by the time we finished.

Think I'll check out their booth at the craft fair this weekend...might need a few more skeins... bwahahahahahaha!

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  1. My favorite color is green right now...because I AM that color. Wow!