Sunday, April 8, 2012

FO: Lady Chadwick Cap Update

A couple of weeks ago I finished test knitting a new pattern, Lady Chadwick Cap, for a friend of mine. It wasn't totally still needed the finished button. Buttons set the whole mood for your knits. You want it to be just right, especially after you've spent hours, days AND years knitting or crocheting something. Again, I had a problem deciding what to which button. There are SOOOO MANY to choose from!! :(

First we looked at feathers. Then silk flowers. Then combination feather, flowers and buttons. And finally buttons. Oh man! The buttons!! o.O

We looked at a neat distressed wooden button with simple peach and teal flowers painted on it ($7). Nice. It looked good with it but it wasn't a post button. There was a really nice brass button with Celtic knot cut outs ($8). It was really nice with the cap. THEN we saw a black button with pink and teal inlay in a flower design. Oh my. $15. OH MY! DAMN!

Well, thank goodness I had a 50%-off Jo-Ann's coupon because it was the perfect button! At least I think it is. :P

It's a fabulous hat!! Can't wait for Andrea to start selling this wonderful pattern. LOVE

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