Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mailman Love

I just love my mailman! Have I told you that? He is an AWESOME DUDE that brings me wonderful things to my mailbox ...well...most of the time. Yesterday was a happy mail day!

First... I got SPARKLES!!!! I got beautiful sparkly yarn from Forbidden Woolery. It's FABULOUS! plus... IT SPARKLES!!! Did I say it sparkles? Well, just in case I haven't told you yet...IT SPARKLES!!! The color is wonderful. I'm participating in an Olympic KAL this summer. Now I just have to figure out what to knit with such wonderful SPARKLY yarn.

Then there was a second package in my overflowing mailbox. It was from DizzySheep. JOY! They had a "spin-off" a couple of weeks ago. (It's sort of like a Woot-Off but with fiber.) Instead of offering a "Bag of Crap" like on Woot...DizzySheep offers a "Bag of Knit". It's like a mystery grab bag for $10. No telling what you'll get...yarn...roving...needles. I snatched up a couple bags. It's always exciting to see what comes in the brown paper bag. I'm always nervous about what color I'm going to get. Drum roll, please..........

Score! I got two skins of Berroco Linsey in Shell colorway (on the left). I adore anything Berroco! In the second bag was two skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery's Cotton Comfort in Mint colorway (on the right). I've never had in Green Mountain before. This will make a great baby sweater I think. It's not as soft to the first touch as I's a cotton and wool blend.

Has anybody used the Green Mountain Cotton Comfort? What did you make?

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