Sunday, January 22, 2012

FO: Red Blossomy Scarf

It's finished!! My first project of 2012 – Blossomy Scarf. I was one of the testers for the wonderful designer, MyDailyFiber, and her BEAUTIFUL new crochet design, Blossomy Scarf. It's a fantastic crochet pattern that EVERYONE should make.

I used mmmmmMalabrigo Ravelry Red sock yarn and an F hook. This yarn is GORGEOUS! Besides being mmmmmmmmarvelous mmmmmMalabrigo, the colorway is FAAAAABULOUS! It makes a delicious fabric that feels like it melts in my hand. I can't wait to wear it.

The pattern calls for 400 yards of fingering weight yarn and a G hook. There's 440 yards on the Malabrigo sock yarn. I couldn't find my G hook so I used an F. The pattern is very easy. You make the motifs first and then the scarf. That part takes the longest but it is well worth it.

It blocked out to +/-7 inches wide by about 90 inches long. That's perfect! I love my scarves long.

I've got some Wollmeise in my stash. Wonder how that would work for another Blossomy Scarf? I just might have to make one and see!


  1. Thank you!! I give all the credit to the designer and the yarn. They're awesome!!!