Monday, May 28, 2012

Yarn Nightmares

Every knitter has a stash. Usually an incredible stash of magnificent proportion. We never buy just ONE skein of yarn...we always get 2-3 skeins of that color just in case we want to knit an octopus a sweater. You never know what you will need! It's always better to err on the side of caution and get extra skeins.

Well today, it happened. With ALL my tubs of squishy goodness I call my stash and all my "hidden" stashes in baskets and drawers and suitcases and bookcase shelves and in/out trays on my desk, I ran out of yarn for a project. Yes, the unthinkable happened. Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the keyboard. It's going to be okay... I think... I hope... I pray.

See, I'm trying to finish up a baby granny afghan I started back in March. It was going to be for a worker in the deli at the office but then she left and we've lost touch. But then my new neighbors across the street are preggers so I thought... PERFECT! I've got plenty of time to finish it. Guess what. She had a bouncing little boy this weekend. UH OH!!! Baby blanket had been put on the back burner and I only had 30 squares completed out of the required 81. ARGH!!!!!

Time to reassess.

Using 81 squares is going to make this blankie about 55 inches square (9x9 with 4-inch border.) That's big. SOOOOOOOO now I think I'm going to make it an 8x8 with a 3-4 inch border requiring only 64 squares. That's do-able because I've already got 30 squares done AND another 30 center squares done. There is hope. Finished size will be about 36 inches square plus the border. Plenty big.

I was cruising right along this evening adding the white around all the color squares. Got 14 blue and yellow squares finished. YAY!!! I could have this done by next weekend. Moved on to the green squares but when I got to the 13th square, I noticed that my white yarn was disappearing. O.O  NO!!!! Very carefully, I started the 14th square watching the end of the yarn quickly approaching my hook as I crocheted around the square. Will I have enough? Can I make it to the end of this row? Those are questions that always haunt knitters and crocheters. I MADE IT! I got the 14th green square done...BUT ...BUT ...shit. shit. shit. dammit. I still have pink and purple squares to add white rows to. I looked in my project bag. (Yes, I have a bag for every project. I'm anal that way.) There was no more white yarn anywhere. Not even in all the tubs and scattered stash. dammit!!!! 

Guess you know what that means now. Means I have to go buy more yarn. shit. What a torturous thing to go buy more yarn. The horror! The atrocity! The unthinkable agony! damn.

Needless to say, progress has come to a screeching halt. I can't even sew squares together cuz I ain't got any off-white worsted weight yarn. ::pout::

I laid out the squares I have so far to see how it looks and measure. It got JackCat's approval. Thank goodness! I'd hate for him to disapprove. It's not a pretty sight. I'm anxious to get it all seamed together and get the border on it. I think it's going to be really cute.

Hope there's a yarn shop open tomorrow!!!

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