Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time to Knit Again...Maybe

I need to confess something. Something I'm not really proud of. I have an addiction. Yes. Me. I have an addiction that I can't quit. It's so bad that I think the thing I'm addicted to will be a permanent attachment soon if I don't make some changes quick.

Maybe if I hurry up and admit it I can work out a compromise because I just can't quit it. I'm addicted to my Nook.

Last June I bought  myself  (and my son and mother) a Nook. I was thinking it was just a small e-tablet I could surf the net with and MAYBE...MAYBE read a book every now and then. See, I've never been much of a reader. Whenever I read a book with real pages, I fall asleep. Even magazines. I fall asleep. When my son was a child and I would read him a story, I would wake up with a sharp little elbow jabbing my ribs and a sweet voice that was suppose to be asleep "Mommy! You fell asleep again! Finish the story!!" see. reading and me never mixed.

NOW!!! I can read a book on my Nook and NOT fall asleep!!! Not sure why but who cares! BUT I'm reading non-stop. Book after book. Day in and day out. When I finish one book...I start another. I keep my queue full because I've got to have something when I finish.

BUT there's an unwelcome side effect (or two) from reading so much. I'm not getting any knitting or crocheting done. Haven't even been interested in doing any. O.M.G!!! Did I just say that?!? And, I've had to get a pair of glasses just for computer use. Hmmmmm...

Wish there was a way I could knit and read at the same time but I'm just not that talented or coordinated.

Then last Friday, I was lucky enough to get to order some Wollmeise in some FABULOUS colors. I think my creative juices might be reigniting. I was able to procure some Lila Lundmilla and Neptune Lite from The Loopy Ewe. Then Sundara Yarn had a close-out and I snatched some Water Studies 117. 

I LOVE THE COLORS!!! I must do something with them. Maybe some fingerless mitts or a lacy scarf? I don't know. I'd love to do some fair isle socks but I want to see the color and it would be hidden on my feet. 

I've got some more Wollmeise in my stash but I can't decide what to make with it. I want something special.

Any suggestions?? Something to drag me out of this addiction. 

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