Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loopy Diamond Scarf

I've lost count how many times this scarf has been frogged now. First it started off as a reversible houndstooth and stripes scarf. It got frogged a couple of times. NOW it has become what I'm affectionately calling my Loopy Diamond Scarf. It's for Camp Loopy and I'm crocheting this gorgeous Diamond Exchange Scarf... sooooooooo Loopy Diamond Scarf. Makes perfect sense to me.

I started it last night and got several repeats done. I'm not sure I'm doing the edges right but it's working. LOL (Don't look, Michelle!)

I like how the colors are working in this...MUCH better than in the houndstooth. Still using the wonderfully squishy Madelinetoshh Vintage.

AND there's a much better chance I'll get it finished now. LOL!!!

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